måndag 13 december 2010

À mon ami Pierre: Noël 2009

Under hösten har jag deltagit i en SAL organiserad av Noëlle www.noellebrode.over-blog.com

Mönster: "Noël 2009" av à mon ami Pierre

Väv: "natural brown linen", 10 trådar/cm (25 ct).
Garn: DMC 5200, 640.
Kreinik Blending Filament 003V (Vintage red), 001HL (Silver hi lustre), 032 (Pearl).

Till snöflingorna använde jag en tråd av 5200 tillsammans med en tråd av Blending 032 för att få dem att skimmra. Det gick inte att fånga på bild!

Sytt över en tråd i väven.
Färdig storlek: 19,5x24 cm, med ram 32x37 cm.
Ramen inköpt hos Cadre Roussin i Paris.


4 kommentarer:

  1. I really love the colors you have chosen to stitch this chart. It is really wonderful ! Have a nice day and merry christmas ! Isabelle

  2. Hi Ann Carin, how are you?
    Do you remember me? I'm Fiore from Italia. We met on The Stitchers Village. I had a horrible 2013 so I couldn't stitch very much. Now I'm beginning again.
    Going around on my favourite blogs, I jumped into this amazing work of yours. Could you please tell me more about the threads you used? I bought this pattern and I was just thinking about the way to stitch it because I didn't like very much to use only Dmc 640. Your work is amazing but I didn't understand very much about the way you used the Kreinik threads actually. Did you blend them with Dmc?
    Looking forward to reading your answer.
    Loving you.

  3. Hi Fiore!
    Of course I remember you! I'm sorry to hear your 2013 was no good and I do wish you a much better 2014 in all ways.

    This is how I did my "Noel 2009":
    For the snowflakes I took one thread of white dmc together with one thread of Kreinik Blending Filament 032.That makes the snowflakes a bit sparkly, but it's hard to catch that with the camera. The thread is very thin and I made sure it came on top of the white thread in every stitch.
    It is not so nice to stitch with kreinik, but the result is always very nice as you know.

    For the red I used only one thread of kreinik vintage red, and as the blending filament is a flat thread it was hell to stitch, but the result gave me much satisfaction in the end.
    I stitched over one thread in the fabric.

    If you google "mon ami noel 2009" and choose pictures, maybe you will get my pictures there, and then when you click on them they will be much larger to see.Though again; the sparkle is not easy to catch with the camera...

    This pattern is very nice and I so love the way it turned out with the colours and framing. It's one of my favourites!

    I wish you a very happy stitching this year and good luck with your Noel 2009!

    love from Sweden

    1. Dearie, thank you so much for your kindness. I know very vwell Kreinik threads are not very easy to stitch, but I'll use the Rainbow Gallery ones that are easier to use. Do you know them?
      Un abbraccio forte forte dall'Italia (a very big hug from Italia)